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This is one of the most impressively strategic, well-presented things I've read at Lonely Planet. It's brilliant. It's a very holistic view of what changing the author relationship can mean for our business.

Piers Pickard, Publishing Director
Paula Hardy is a travel writer, editor and content strategist. She has worked for Lonely Planet since 1999 and has written over 30 guidebooks, specialising in destinations in South and East Africa, the Maghreb, Europe and the east coast of America.

You can find her Lonely Planet profile here.

During 2005 and 2010 she commissioned Lonely Planet’s best-selling list of Italian guides, as well as destination content for the website and B2B products. She also paid a strategic role in a number of creative and marketing projects including the redesign of the regional and country guides and the creation of the Lonely Planet Traveller magazine. For that she received lots of nice compliments.

Throughout this time, her travel articles and reviews have appeared in major publications including Lonely Planet Traveller, The Telegraph, The Independent, BBC Travel, Wanderlust and the Daily Mail. She specialises in insightful pieces on over-stereotyped hot spots, first person adventure and cultural and sustainable tourism. She also undertakes editorial consultancy, brief writing and editing for clients including Lonely Planet, EDT Italia, Visit Britain and the FCO.

As a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, Paula also created and presented The Cave of Swimmers for BBC Radio 4’s Tales from the Back of Beyond series in 2000. Based on pre-WWII journals of desert explorers and the fictionalised vision of Libya presented in the international media, the journey to find Libya’s ‘Cave of Swimmers’ (a desert cave covered in rock art located in the south-eastern desert) offered the opportunity to examine life on the ground for ordinary Libyans just as sanctions were suspended in 1999. This work ultimately led to the creation and writing of a 224-page illustrated book, Libya: A Cultural History. This was a singular achievement given that foreign journalists were prohibited from working in Libya at the time.

Since 2012, Paula has been based in London with her American husband. Before that she lived in Boston, Italy, Morocco and Kenya, where she grew up. She speaks Italian and English. She is a member of the British Guild of Travel Writers.

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  • Frontline Club – London
  • The Royal Geographical Society
  • British Guild of Travel Writers
  • Lonely Planet
  • Royal Academy of Arts